Buy toddler gucci belt

Toddler Gucci belt

Buy toddler Gucci belt

Buy toddler gucci belt Buy toddler gucci belt Buy toddler gucci belt

Today, the fashion house Gucci is a part of a huge well-known corporation Pinault-Printemps-Redoute and occupies a leading position in the fashion industry in terms of sales.

The story of this world-famous brand started with the creation of a small family company, engaged in the manufacture of leather goods. It was founded by the Italian Guccio Gucci in 1921. With high quality products, the company prospered and in 1938, Gucci opened his first company store for adults and toddler in the capital of Italy. It sold later became a cult leather handbags with bamboo handles, suede moccasin with a metal décor and leather belts. In the early 50-ies were opened flagship stores in the Gucci fashion centers of the world – Paris, London and New York. Expanded range of products: have been put into production lines of clothing and perfumes.

Thanks to skillful marketing strategy of the company founder, the Gucci brand for a long time was positioned as a “luxury” and really enjoyed enormous popularity among the rich and famous. A new twist in the history of the brand originated in the mid-80s, when the head of the company became the the founder’s grandson Maurizio Gucci.