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In May 1968, Sonia Rykiel opened her first boutique in Paris on rue de Grenelle on the left bank of the Seine. American Journal of Women’s Wear Daily in the same 1968 called her “the queen of knitwear” and its proposed innovative silhouette sweater became instantly recognized in the fashion world. Later, she invented a unique, turned inside out seams, introduced unfiled hem and removed a heavy lining. Her philosophy of fashion – style DEMODE – allows a women to transform fashion for themselves, rather than follow the dictates of fashion. Sonia Rykiel has created a unique style, in which the principal place in an elegant black color, whimsical bright stripes, crystal or glass crystals and the inscription on the jerseys.

In addition to creating collections of clothing and accessories, Sonia Rykiel has developed the concept for the interior decoration of hotels, Ms. Rykiel is the author of the design of chambers American Hospital in Paris. Sonia Rykiel is the author of 69 books. She is a Professor Emeritus of Textile University in Shanghai, Commander of the Order of Science and Art, Knight of the Legion of Honor. In 1998, the National Library of France held a grand idea to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her creative work. In 2001, Sonia Rykiel was awarded with the title of Commander of the National Order of France.