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When we think about fabrics for kids clothes, we usually think of natural ones. It is perfectly right when we think about enfant babies, but some artificial fabrics are suitable for kids and toddlers, they can even impove the quality of clothes. For example, elastane, it is the name of the whole group of synthetic fibers (in textiles most common lycra). The main function of elastane is giving the product elasticity. For this blocked in a particular amount is added to the composition of the other tissues. Elastane yarn stretching may exceed 6-8 times of its original length, and then again return to the previous state. This for sure can not be reached by 100 per cent natural fabrics. Clothes, which include spandex (and today it can be everything from pantyhose and ending with a turtleneck and skirts), do not crumple easily erased and practically do not deteriorate from exposure to the sea and chlorinated water and even fatty cosmetics. Without the addition of elastane,almost no fabric can stretch, and in some cases, this characteristic of the clothes is very important (swimwear, lingerie slimming body shaping, bandages, negligees, nightgowns). Using elastane when producing clothes even for kids is a normal part of modern life.