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When the family expects for a new member, you want to buy him a lot of beautiful things! An abundance of children’s products, which are bursting from store shelves, stagger the imagination! But if you follow the principle of reasonable economy and common sense, it turns out that a lot of things can be waived completely without a problem.Today our attention we will stop at the first: the selection of clothing for the newborn. We all want to buy designers shirts for boys, so that our baby is the most stylish and fancy. Perhaps you have never really thought about it, but still quite a newborn, how beautiful clothes that wore on him. Maybe, when choosing things, we should not be seduced by beautyonly, and put in the first place other criteria.In my opinion, the most important criterion. Clothes should not hamper the movements of the baby on it should not be tight elastics, extra laces, unnecessary adornments. I consider useless for clothing for newborns buckles, straps, pockets.Clothing should be not too tight and not too big (no matter how great the temptation to buy something “for growth”, it is still a pipsqueak will grow out of it very quickly, much faster than you can imagine).

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In this article you can learn the fundamental rulesof how to choose baby clothes. Remember that the baby is constantly in motion, and therefore you should not choose a jacket with a very narrow sleeves, designers ready ties for boys or trendy tight pants. Such an outfit is great for special occasions, but not for a playground. Clothing should be comfortable, free cut, and every day – to the best of sports. Girl feel more comfortable in pants or jeans, and skirts and dresses are best left to hike to visit or to class.Avoid small parts. A young child will be a great temptation to tear them or even to taste.Do not buy things with bulky pockets, epaulets, stripes or large knitting yarn, a child might catch something on the run or fall, climbing the ladder on the playground.When buying check the underside of the things on it should not be rough or poorly treated seams that damage delicate baby skin.Give preference to natural fabrics, such as cotton and flax.Fall and winter can not do without jumpsuit for the smallest and “phony” jacket or coat for older children. The filler is ideal clean lint or fluff, feather, breathable, but retain heat. Suitable synthetic materials are sintepon, wool batting, Thinsulate, hollofayber, fayberskin, Fajbertek, polifayber, izosoft, they are hypoallergenic, retain its shape, not worse than natural, but are much cheaper.

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Nowadays, young mothers abandon old granny methods of multilayer swaddling infants. Instead, crumbs began to dress like “grown-up”: blouses, pants, designerspinstripe suits for boys, overalls, men, vests, tops and more. Therefore, if you want to wear your baby was not only beautiful and diverse, but also comfortable, we offer you to take some of our advice.What size to choose?Of course, a pregnant woman, in anticipation of the appearance of the baby begins to buy a variety of little things for her baby. It is no secret that the clothes for the little ones – the most expensive, but still want to see your kid did not look worse than others. The smallest size is 56 children’s clothing, but you should not buy clothes of that size. Firstly, pipsqueak can be born slightly larger than your expectations. Second, even if clothes fell in size, after a couple of weeks baby will grow out of it, and not having time to try everything that mom bought. Therefore, it is better to buy a few items of size 56, and the remaining 62.How to choose socks?Tights and socks should not fit tightly to the legs of the baby. They, as well as underwear, should be made only from natural materials to stem the kid did not sweat. Scarce should feel free to them, so he quickly learned to stand and walk.

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In this article we will discuss what shoes to choose for kindergarten. Shoes to wear indoors must be light, because in the group, it is usually hot.Secondly, it should protect the foot kid – capes closed so that children do not accidentally hurt fingers, lifting the foot protected.Third, the child must be able to put them on himself.Therefore, it must be closed sandals with high heels and capes, preferably even with the instep.The most convenient zipper on the shoe for a child. Forget laces, zippers and locks with holes.Sandals with arch support, heel support and protect the baby’s fingers – great for kindergarten. Orthopedic footwear are an option for wearing in the group. No need to buy a warm closed shoes with laces. No need to buy a very open sandals with buckles, snaps. Shoes for a walk have same requirements. Please refer to the same principle – if sneakers, then to Velcro boots without laces and intricate lightning drawstrings.And every day in the garden you need something convenient.Designers Longjohns for boyscan also be worn in the kindergarten but they may need help from the teachers. And not all the teachers like that.

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Parents face many problems and questions when choosing clothes for kids. Remember, the labels indicate the approximate size of designers float suits for boys!All kids are different, and each brand its own standards and sizes. Perhaps your child has long legs and a short torso. In addition, maybe he – chubby baby, things that you have to buy one size larger. Remember that the size indicated on the label – it is not the same for all prescription. Moreover,certainlyit is not an indicator of your child’s development – let the doctorjudgethis!Do stocks – but with the mind. Buying winter clothes in the spring or summer sale, you can save a lot of money. But do not overdo it. Otherwise, then will grieve because of what had once bought for the future of fashion t-shirts, and the grown up child wants to wear only polo shirts. Of course, babies do not act up because of the style of clothing, but they grow up so fast! In addition, it is difficult to guess what size clothes will be worn by a child of six or eight months. So try to be prudent, buying clothes for the future, to one day do not find that the baby has grown to a beautiful new coat just in time for summer.