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Baby Boys Beige Map Printed Shorts2 Baby Boys Navy Blue Linen Trousers2 Baby Boys Red Crab Reversible Sun Hat2

Baby Boys Yellow Cotton Jersey Polo Shirt2 Denim Baby Changing Bag with Beige Trim (40cm)2 Reversible Denim Cotton Sun Hat2

Mayoral Kids Clothing Shop

Mayoral is a famous Spanish brand of children’s clothing, which is appreciated by parents for the excellent quality, environmental friendliness and comfort, and by children – for the brightness and brilliance. Collectible Mayoral baby clothes perfectly combines the latest trends in fashion season, strong personality, practicality and a wide range (from bathing suits and finishing with warm clothes). One of the main features of children’s clothing Mayoral is thoughtfulness and ergonomics. It does not restrict movement cut, allowing children of all ages to feel very comfortable and at ease. Beautiful accessories, stylish details and decorative elements certainly will please young dandies and ladies.For customers’ the brand of children’s clothes presents wear for all groups of kids – NEW BORN (clothes for babies), BABY (3-24 months), MINI (up to 8 years for the garden, walks and school) and JUNIOR (8-16 years). Each age or thematic collection of Mayoral fully consistent not only with safety and quality, but also the most stringent criteria of aesthetic appeal – its sophistication and refinement visible at a glance. When choosing clothes by mayoral, you can be sure that your child will appreciate this clothes. It is comfortable, safe, bright and stylish. Your and your kids will enjoy it!