Buy Levis jeans for toddlers

Levi’s jeans for toddlers

Buy Levi’s jeans for toddlers

Buy Levis jeans for toddlers Buy Levis jeans for toddlers

Buy Levis jeans for toddlers Buy Levis jeans for toddlers

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Levi’s is an American company, a well-known manufacturer of clothes and shoes. The company was founded in 1853 in San Francisco, USA, by Levi Strauss. He itself was the inventor of jeans. Loeb (Leib) Strauss (that was his name from birth) was born in 1829 into a Jewish family in Buttenheim, Bavaria. In 1845, his father died of tuberculosis. In 1847, Loeb emigrated to the United States. In the US, Loeb changed his name to “more American” – Levi. In 1853, Strauss brought the goods of his brothers in San Francisco. All goods are sold out even before the ship entering the port. There was only a canvas. Strauss ordered a tailor pants made of this fabric. Pants sold out instantly. Levi and his son David Stern opened in San Francisco haberdashery. In 1853, Strauss founded the company «Levi Strauss & Co.» Company produced goods for different public, start from toddlers – ending with the elderly. Then Strauss and emigrants from the Russian Empire Jacob Davis received a patent for his pants with metal rivets on the pockets. In the first year of Strauss sold 21,000 jackets and pants with copper rivets. In 1886 there was the famed leather label with the two horses, unsuccessfully trying to break the pants. Levi Strauss died Sept, in 1902. The company Levi Strauss & Co. was inherited by his nephew. Levi Strauss & Co. has become a large company with a good reputation.