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Let us just agree: children’s clothing should be bright and interesting.Of course, you can dress up a child in the colors tend to accumulate grease and low-key model. But this is unlikely to help him to be in harmony and feel comfortable in this grayness. It is proved that even infants express preferences in colors, and older kids have fun dress up and choosing clothes. Moreover, the presence of the various parts helps in developing fine motor skills.How to choose the size of children’s clothes? In fact, it is very difficultto choose the right size for your baby. At first glance, everything is logical – sizes for children up to five years are classified according to height and weight. But a standard set of calculation often leads from the first sliders.Many parents are faced with the fact that children’s clothes for 62 cm is small even for a newborn baby. And the spread of 0-3 months is too large. This category may include kids and up to three pounds, and more than seven. Therefore, it is best to buy a little bigger baby clothes – children quickly grow and put on weight and height. Although, it is better not to buy too big clothes, as it will make your child feel uncomfortable.