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Standardfor children’s shoes is simple – a tough, but enough flexible sole, hard indoorheel, indoors, preferably leather upper, heel height of 0.5 cm, straight or slightly passed forward. The insole is completely smooth without laying vaults or wedges.The flexibility of the shoe sole should be sufficient to re-rolling of the foot when walking. For normal walking, flexion-extension in the metatarsal phalangeal joints, from 30 to 400is necessary. The sole should bend without much effort on your part in the form of a uniform arc. The sole should be thick enough to dampen the impact of redistribution and by relying on the foot, but flexible enough and not too thick.The material for the sole may be polyurethane, rubber and many other modern materials. It depends on the style of shoe and shoe function and season (winter, summer shoes, indoor…).Terms of fitting shoes are quite simple:Right and left feet of kids are usually of different sizes. The choice of footwear is made for the biggest one.Buckle Shoes should be comfortable and shall be held securely on the foot forward bias.Toe should be stiff enough, protect toes from injury, rounded with plenty of room for the toes.