dore dore socks for kids

Dore Dore socks for kids

Buy Dore Dore socks for kids

dore dore socks for kids dore dore socks for kids

dore dore socks for kids dore dore socks for kids

The history of the legendary French brand Doré Doré amounts almost 200 years. The company was founded in 1819 by Jean Dore (Jean Baptist Dore). A small factory turned into a luxury brand when Doré Doré in 1867 received a gold medal at the Paris Exposition. Today, the company produces tights, leggings, socks and stockings for women, men and children. Thanks to the highest quality of products, the brand has become a trademark of national pride in France. The formula for success of Doré Doré is to connect exquisite taste, impeccable quality with a constant forward movement.

Thanks to its know-how and work with the highest quality materials, Doré Doré is possible to obtain a unique product that retains the loyalty generations of fashionistas and lovers. Accessories from Doré Doré do not fade and retain their shape even after prolonged wear. Each new collection is a huge range of colors and only the best materials: the best in the world – Egyptian cotton, merino and angora, cashmere and silk. Most parents when buying clothes for children from 4 to 7 years are convinced that the clothes should be not only comfortable but also fashionable, beautiful. Clothing should like first of all for the child, not for parents. The main trend of children’s fashion is imitation of adult clothing. Children like to copy moms, dads, older brothers and sisters. The current fashion of adults and children offers a wide variety of styles.