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No matter how many years old the child is, parents are always thinking about what winter clothesto buy for him and that at the same time to pay attention. After all, you need to consider the following: clothing should be warm, the child does not have to freeze it, but at the same time it should be comfortable and practical. It is not that simple as buying designersties and bow ties for boys. For many parents, yet the question arises: to buy a normal outer clothing or give preference to brand, such as: Armani, Dolce&Cabbana, Ferre. Some say that the child does not need expensive clothes, it is growing rapidly and on the street are often dirty. Therefore, buy branded top winter clothing does not make sense. Other parents believe that the child needs to buy the best and only from well-known manufacturers who have proven themselves. Especially the winter we have cold, and only quality clothing will keep warm and will not give the child a simple and sick.To tell the truth, both parents may be right. Much depends on your baby and his behavior on the street, from the surrounding environment. It also happens that he wanted to stain, but this is simply nowhere to be done. Ideal is when parents can allow their child to buy two sets – one brand winter clothes and second – the usual winter clothes.