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What to wear to kindergarten?When a child has to go to kindergarten, every mother worries about what clothes to buy. Kindergarten kid will need comfortable and practical things are not the brand colors, which are minimal fasteners and locks. Some moms are trying to dress their daughters like a little princess, and eventually the girl is forced to watch the crowd of kids playing at a distance. As soon as she tries to come to them, catching on the stern look mom and stop hate scanning the elegant dress, are the pride of their parents.Cheap or expensive things?Little has changed to process ruffles and frills for a few minutes of children’s happiness, but she is afraid to put a stain on a dress to get dirty or torn clothing. Although her clothes in the end is clean, the girl goes home upset. And in the garden a similar story often ends differently, and she returned to her parents happy, but dirty and disheveled. As a result, my mother had to wash out or throw a beautiful dress, bought at an exorbitant price. To avoid such problems, it is recommended to adhere to a clear plan, acquiring and exploring for kindergarten practical and cheap stuff. And expensive clothes like designers sweaters for boys can be left for rare children’s parties or a visit.