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Permanent outfit of my daughter in kindergarten consists of a T-shirt, skirt and tights (in cold weather) or stockings / socks (in the summer). In summer daughter often wears dresses. A backpack with us is a change of clothes 1 shirt, 1 pair of tights, panties 2 and 1 skirt, as well as a form of physical education in the (T-shirt, shorts and white socks). In addition to this in the locker she always has combs and replacement gum, and lies in bed pajamas (shirt and shorts). I noticed that many boys have designersslipovers for boysfor a sleep time. They look very cute. My son in the group wears sport pants or shorts (depending on time of year), socks and t-shirt. In his backpack 2 removable pants, one shirt, shorts and sweat pants. Designersslipovers for boysis lying in bed.Ambitions of parents is often expressed in kids clothes. The desire to stand out and put the child stylish and fashionable is not bad. The bad news is that in this whole baby clothes may not feel very comfortable. And sometimes kids just are not able to remove / put on such items of clothing themselves.And this is an additional stress for the baby that could adversely affect the attitude of the child to the kindergarten as a whole.