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There is a great amount of questions, which parents meet when choosing clothes for children. In this article we will answer some of them. Coveralls or jacket?For autumn and winter walks with the baby, it is best to choose a suit or a sleeping bag – one kid can notopen his sensitive body. If we talk about children are older, for them, is the best choice overall. Children, especially those who have learned to walk, can not sit stilleven for a minute: they run, jump, ride on all sorts of slides and strive at all times to climb anywhere. A great variety of designerssleeveless jackets for boysand girls are very suitable. In such a situation, it is important that the child was safely back is covered, as well as the jacket and trousers can not ensure this, it is best to choose suit.How to hide a baby from environment?In summer, watch the crumbs, you can not hide. But if you still need to, you can use a thin diaper. In the cooler season, especially if the baby is asleep, it is best to cover him with a nice blanket or light blanket. What should I do if the crumb is revealed? – Buy him a special sleeping bag.