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Picking up clothes for kids is a difficult task. Here are some tips for parents, who are at a loss. Shirts.Choose a button on a shirt, because the button-down shirt from washing break in loops and they are constantly then loosened.But once there comes a time when a button and shirts are not convenient. When our Annie start to roll over and try to crawl on his belly – buttons scratched her. So we switched to “hoodies” or “sweatshirt» – blouse with long sleeves, with a zipper on the neck, or completely without fasteners with a wide collar.And of course, in the warm season can be replaced by T-shirts or shirts.Scratchy.We did not use them as our very energetic girl Annie, and quickly learned to take them off. My girlfriend used socks, which is worn on the handle of his baby.Designersshorts socks for boys are also good for wearing at home, besides they are fancy and look good. Sliders.While our daughterdid not start crawling (even a little earlier, when I started training) we have borne the sliders on an elastic band, as they are more comfortable to change. When a child begins to crawl, such sliders slide. So now we wear sliders on the shoulder straps or panties (when the foot is open), and tights. Alternatively, you can trim sliders on the elastic band that became small (so they will last longer).If your baby is walking around the house in diapers, you will be very comfortable overalls or body. Also overalls are very convenient to use for sleep (if sleeping in diapers).