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In this article we will discuss what shoes to choose for kindergarten. Shoes to wear indoors must be light, because in the group, it is usually hot.Secondly, it should protect the foot kid – capes closed so that children do not accidentally hurt fingers, lifting the foot protected.Third, the child must be able to put them on himself.Therefore, it must be closed sandals with high heels and capes, preferably even with the instep.The most convenient zipper on the shoe for a child. Forget laces, zippers and locks with holes.Sandals with arch support, heel support and protect the baby’s fingers – great for kindergarten. Orthopedic footwear are an option for wearing in the group. No need to buy a warm closed shoes with laces. No need to buy a very open sandals with buckles, snaps. Shoes for a walk have same requirements. Please refer to the same principle – if sneakers, then to Velcro boots without laces and intricate lightning drawstrings.And every day in the garden you need something convenient.Designers Longjohns for boyscan also be worn in the kindergarten but they may need help from the teachers. And not all the teachers like that.