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Christening for the person is an important and crucial step in life. Parents are thinking about baptism of a baby immediately after birth. They are interested in how it is best to conduct the rite, who should be the godparents, the differences between girls christening and christening of the boy, what clothes to buy for baptism, etc. It is the custom, which to this day has not lost its power – to dress up babies in whiteclothes for christening, it symbolizes faith, the beginning of a new life and cleansing from sin.By the sacrament of baptism must be approached seriously, responsibly, to properly prepare and advise future godparents. Before you buy clothes for the baptism of the child, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors: the clothes should be comfortable, convenient, natural and soft tissue, joints should be neat and tidy, and most importantly, clothing should comply with the canons.Now the market and shops offer a variety of options that you can get lost in the choice, but it’s not bad, because every child is different, not only in the age category. As for the tiny boys, the practice has shown that there is no point in buying a full designer outfit, ie blouse (shirt) with panties, booties and bonnet because unlikely you will be able to put on a sleeping or crying infant boy all of this.