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Choosing winter shoes for your child, parents have to solve several problems simultaneously. Shoes should be warm, comfortable, properly suit the leg, so as not to cause harm to the developing foot, beautiful and preferably not too expensive. After all, children’s feet grow very quickly, and wearing same pair for a few seasons can not be guaranteed.Going to the store for purchase, be sure to bring a child, pre-measure the length, width and the rise of the child’s feet.Length it easily determined if carefully cut around the leg kid pencil on a sheet of paper. Drawing is better to take with you and show consultant in the store.Width. Children’s shoes available in three versions completeness: narrow, medium and wide. Completeness to consider when buying. The leg should not be too compressedby shoes – it leads to deformation of joints and circulatory embarrassment. Feet in tight shoes will freeze, no matter how warm boots are. But shoesalso should not betoo large. In general, the wrong shoes distributed load on the muscles, there is no heat-effect. Riseis a transition the top of the foot to the leg. It can be high and low, which also needs to be considered during the fitting. Wide leg in a narrow shoe will work closely, and therefore it will be cold and uncomfortable, narrow leg in the same wide shoes is unsupported so unstable.