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Malvi & Co Kids & Baby Clothes

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Baby Girls Pink Smocked Dress & Bloomer2 Baby Girls Pink Smocked Dress & Bloomers2 Blue Polka Dot & Tulle Shift Dress2

Fuschia Pink Cotton Dress with Bow2 Pink Cotton Jersey Dress with Flowers2 Pink Polka Dot & Tulle Shift Dress2

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Since the main purpose of children’s raincoat is a protection against rain, pay attention to the material from which it is sewed. The material must be flexible and dense, allowing it to fold several times, and not be afraid that it will lead to cracks and creases.To choose clothes for the children, you must consider the following requirements:

  1. Acquired clothes should be of the right size, should be neither large nor small.
  2. Clothing should fully comply with the season. Choosing from a vast range of products, make sure to buy warm clothes when it is winter and not to create excessive heat effect in the summer.
  3. Clothing should be comfortable. Children are creatures moving, and nothing should constrain themduring movement. Clothes should allow them to run and jump as they only want.
  4. The aesthetics is equally important for children’s clothing. For parents with experience, it is not a secret that children are literally “dig”. Therefore, you need to choose clothes with the views of the child. New clothes should make your child happy. And only something he likes will bring a smile to his lovely face. And that is the final aim of any parent.

Lacoste Kids & Baby Clothes

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Blue Jersey Hooded Zip-Up Top2 Boys Navy Blue Cotton Logo T-Shirt2 Boys Orange 'Big Crocodile' T-Shirt2

Boys Orange Cotton Logo T-Shirt2 Girls Orange Polo Shirt Dress2 Unisex Navy Blue Cotton Jersey Trousers2

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Lacoste is a French brand specializing in the production of men’s, women’s, children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, sports equipment, perfumery. It was founded in 1933 by the famous tennis player Rene Lacoste. The brand is represented on all five continents in more than 100 countries worldwide. Lacoste collection was displayed at New York Fashion Week. There are several lines of the brand:

Lacoste – the main line of clothing and accessories for men and women in sports and casual-style.

Lacoste Kids – a line of clothing and accessories for children.

Lacoste Shoes – line of men’s and women’s shoes.

Lacoste Lab – line of sports equipment, including city bikes, boomerangs, skis, balls for football and rugby, Helmets, surfboards, golf clubs, as well as related clothing and accessories.

Lacoste L! Ve – youth line of men’s and women’s clothing, designedby modern street artists.

Lacoste Jewelry – jewelry line for women.

Lacoste Watches – line of men’s and women’s watches.

Lacoste Eyewear – line of sunglasses and eyeglasses for men and women.

In 1926, the French tennis player Rene Lacoste in the Open Championship of America wore knitted T-shirt with 3 button-down collar and sleeves to the elbow, which was specially ordered from the tailor. The material was used lightweight cotton fabric with a combined peak weave. It absorbs moisture and quickly dries up, does not burn and does not deform. Earlier in the interview, he repeatedly stated that he felt discomfort while playing in shirts made of thick fabric with long sleeves. That was the beginning of the outstanding brand Lacoste.

Kids Burberry Shirt

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Boys Beige Nova Check Shirt2 Boys Black Shirt With Nova Sleeves2 Boys Red Stamp Logo Polo Shirt2

Boys Yellow Cotton Polo Shirt2 Girls Green Check Cotton Shirt2 Pink Pique Jersey Polo Shirt2

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Burberry is one of the oldest British brands specializing in the production of men’s, women’s, children’s clothing, shoes and accessories. The fashion house also produces underwear, cosmetics and perfumes. It was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry in Basingstoke. In 2013, Christopher Baileybecame executive director and chief designer of all the lines is Burberry. The brand is represented in 50 countries in more than 5,000 single-brand boutiques. There are several lines of the brand. Burberry Prorsum. The main line of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes, accessories and perfumes. Women’s collection is on display at London Fashion Week, men – in Milan.Burberry London. A line of women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, accessories and perfumes. Collections are designed in a classic style and are designed for boys and girls aged 16 – 25 years.Thomas Burberry. A line of women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, accessories and perfumes. Collections are designed in the sport-casualstyle.Burberry Sport. Collection of women’s and men’s sportswear, footwear and accessories. Line also provides perfumes.Burberry Brit. Collection of women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, accessories and perfumes. The collection is made in the casualstyle.Burberry Beauty. Cosmetic line of the brand.Burberry Watches. Line of watches for women.Burberry Eyewear. The line of sunglasses for men and women. Produced under license from Luxottica.

Girls Patent Leather Mary Janes

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Black Patent Mary Jane Shoes2 Girls Black Leather Mary Jane Bar Shoes2 Girls Black Patent Leather Mary Jane Bar Shoes2

Girls Pink Leather Mary Jane Shoes2 Girls Red Leather Pre-Walker 'Mary Jane' Shoes2 Pink Leather 'Lizard' Mary Jane Shoes2

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Mary Jane shoes is a model of shoes with a strap on the rise and a rounded toe.Initially, Mary Jane shoes were a model of flat shoes with a round toe and a strap on the rise. These shoes were exclusively children’s shoes and produced mainly by Brown Shoe Company.This name shoes got from the comic book character “Buster Brown”, published in the “New York Herald” in 1902.Comic book heroes (buster, his sister Mary Jane and dog Tigger) caused an incredible delight of children. Children’s shoes have received the name of the heroine of comic Mary Jane, always painted in miniature shoes with a strap.Young creator Brown Shoe Company in 1904 signed a contract with a multiplier on the use of the name “Buster Brown” and the names of the characters in its advertising campaign, and since then Mary Jane shoes have become almost the most favorite shoes at the American girls.Later this model of shoes has become unisex, boys also began to wear shoes Mary Jane. In 1963, a small Kennedy saluted the ashes of his father, John F. Kennedy, Sr., being shod precisely in these shoes.Appearing originally as children’s shoes, already a few decades later, Mary Jane shoes have become popular among adult women.

En Fant Baby Footwear

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Boys Grey Leather Ankle Boots2 Brown Leather Boots With Fur2 Brown Pre-Walker Sheepskin Bootees2

Brown Pre-Walker Sheepskin Lace-Up Bootees2 Girls Copper Leather Ankle Boots with Velcro2 Pink Pre-Walker Sheepskin Bootees2

En Fant Baby Footwear Shop

Nowadays, many brands use not only leather for producing footwear. There are special requirements for taking care of shoes made of suede and nubuck. Dirty shoes must be dried naturally. Then with a special brush clean suede and nubuck, remove sand, first cleaning shoes against the direction of the fibers of suede, and then – in the direction of the fibers.After cleaning we recommend using special cleaning agents and coloring suede for shoes that will give new strength and beauty.In order shoes keep a good appearance and quality of consumerfor a long time, be waterproof and not get out of shape, make sure to use special means to care for shoes. High quality footwear requires high quality treatment. Model shoe is not designed for everyday wear, but it is part of an elegant stylish wardrobe. Many consumers prefer quality designer shoes of sacrificed design that meet the latest fashion season.Therefore, much attention should be paid to the choice of models of shoes, as footwear particular model ones may not be suitable for your convenience pads.Choose shoes according to the season. Output summer shoes with leather soles will not lastlong, if you are going to take a walk under the first autumn rain.