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The Italian brand Moncler appeared back in 1952. At that time, it specialized in the production of outer clothing for climbers and athletes. This company came up with warm jackets and down jackets with goose down. Clothing by Moncler was appreciated – it has conquered the mountain tops and participated in the Olympics.After a while, stylish and lightweight clothes of this brand migrated from sports shops into trendy boutiques. It expanded the range of products – now it’s not just winter models for kids and adults, there are collections for other seasons. Monclerdeveloped a line of children’s clothing.Winter models for children are famous not only for the original design, but also for good protection against low temperatures.Today, models of this brand are widely known in many countries. Children’s jackets, down jackets, coats, overalls, envelopes for newborns, hats and gloves took their place not only in the world of high fashion, but also in the hearts of our fellow citizens.For the production of warm children’s clothing Moncleruses the most modern fabrics, innovative design and technology. Innovative ideas are simply impregnated with all products of this company. Children’s clothing by Moncler today is a beautiful and fashionable protection from the piercing wind and low temperatures.

Moncler maya jacket for children

Moncler maya jacket for children

Buy Moncler maya jacket for children

Moncler maya jacket for children Moncler maya jacket for children Moncler maya jacket for children

Moncler Maya is a complete wardrobe specifically for the cold season. The company specializes in the production of outerwear designed for operation in the autumn-winter period. Needless to say, relying on the specific production, the company made a bet on the fashion trend. The result was all what is required today modern citizen: style, beauty, comfort, warmth.

In 1952 Rene Ramillon and Andre Vincent registered company called Moncler. At the initial stage of the company’s founders aim is to develop the production of equipment designed for skiing. Plus, the planned release tourist tents and sleeping bags.

In the 60-ies the company expanded its product range and several proposals among consumers were insulated sports jackets, not only for adults but also for children too.

Drawing on the basis of their own activity – production of winter clothing, the company offers consumers sports warm jackets, winter coat. Some model has special heating system.

In 2003, Moncler brand was bought by Italian entrepreneur Remo Ruffini, who is the president and creative director of the company till nowadays. He has greatly contributed to the fact that today, having heard the name of Moncler Maya, every modern mod is currently famous MONCLER jackets and quilted coat brand.