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Mayoral Kids Clothing

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Baby Boys Beige Map Printed Shorts2 Baby Boys Navy Blue Linen Trousers2 Baby Boys Red Crab Reversible Sun Hat2

Baby Boys Yellow Cotton Jersey Polo Shirt2 Denim Baby Changing Bag with Beige Trim (40cm)2 Reversible Denim Cotton Sun Hat2

Mayoral Kids Clothing Shop

Mayoral is a famous Spanish brand of children’s clothing, which is appreciated by parents for the excellent quality, environmental friendliness and comfort, and by children – for the brightness and brilliance. Collectible Mayoral baby clothes perfectly combines the latest trends in fashion season, strong personality, practicality and a wide range (from bathing suits and finishing with warm clothes). One of the main features of children’s clothing Mayoral is thoughtfulness and ergonomics. It does not restrict movement cut, allowing children of all ages to feel very comfortable and at ease. Beautiful accessories, stylish details and decorative elements certainly will please young dandies and ladies.For customers’ the brand of children’s clothes presents wear for all groups of kids – NEW BORN (clothes for babies), BABY (3-24 months), MINI (up to 8 years for the garden, walks and school) and JUNIOR (8-16 years). Each age or thematic collection of Mayoral fully consistent not only with safety and quality, but also the most stringent criteria of aesthetic appeal – its sophistication and refinement visible at a glance. When choosing clothes by mayoral, you can be sure that your child will appreciate this clothes. It is comfortable, safe, bright and stylish. Your and your kids will enjoy it!

Mayoral Baby Clothes

Buy Mayoral Baby Clothes

Baby Boys Blue Chino Shorts2 Baby Boys Yellow Chino Shorts2 Baby Girls Pink Chiffon & Jersey Dress2

Blue Denim Jacket with Bows2 Denim Shorts with Braces2 Yellow Zip-Up Hooded Jacket2

Mayoral Baby Clothes Shop

MAYORAL is the largest in Spain, and perhaps worldwide manufacturer of children’s clothing. MAYORAL produces more than 14 million units per year. It specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing of fashionable children’s clothing. The company’s goal is to provide customers with the most fashion-balanced proposal for money.The Spanish company Mayoral, whose history began in 1941, is one of the world’s largest collector of children’s clothing. Since the time of its establishment, the company is continuously developing, has an extensive dealer network throughout the world. These products are exported to more than forty countries around the world, and the company continues to expand Mayoral, opening every year, more and more stores across the globe.The company is renowned for Mayoral extremely wide range of products for children from 0 to 16 years. For each day in kindergarten, to school, for a walk, for sports, for holidays and parties – Mayoral company offers clothing for all occasions.Mayoral takes care of that combination of price, quality, comfort and fashion was optimal. The company’s designers create elaborate, unique images and pay much attention to the fact that the products of each collection to meet international fashion trends.And they are totally good at this!

newborn mayoral

Newborn Mayoral

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newborn mayoral newborn mayoral newborn mayoral

newborn mayoral newborn mayoral newborn mayoral


Modern parents can be divided into two categories. The first are the people who buy a lot of cheap baby clothes for their babies, while the latter prefer to buy more expensive items of clothing, but much less frequently. What to choose? To resolve once and for all this problem, you should pay attention to children’s clothing Mayoral for boys and girls. Clothing of this brand is characterized by its versatility, since it can be worn for any occasion: kindergarten, festive event or outing. Things of this brand provide a special pride. It’s no secret that today it is quite difficult to find such a good combination of cost, quality and attractive appearance. Can not but rejoice that the Spanish children’s clothing Mayoral presented in an extensive range of colors, which opens to the children and their parents unlimited space for imagination. Combining the things you accustom your child from an early age have a sense of style. Children’s clothing Mayoral allows you to choose the outfit as a holiday and every day. Clothes for children Mayoral has one feature – a cut that did not restrict movement, so newborns can feel at ease and relaxed. In addition, you will find a large assortment of shoes and accessories.

mayoral dresses

Mayoral dresses

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mayoral dresses mayoral dresses mayoral dresses

mayoral dresses mayoral dresses mayoral dresses

Mayoral dresses shop

Now you do not have to waste your precious time on the waiting list in the fitting room. Remember how hard it is to bore you and the baby, and after you return home with a sense of fatigue, but not the joy of a new acquisition. Now it’s in the past! Online stores give you peace of mind and comfort. Forget close fitting rooms and long lines! In online stores, you can order clothes Mayoral quickly and at an affordable price. Clothing Mayoral is a love for life! We are not exaggerating when say that the clothing of brand Mayoral is hard not to fall in love with. The excellent quality of these products just do not leave you a choice. Buying its dresses, you can be sure in high quality and nice design of things. Remember that your child is safe only in quality clothing. This brand knows this and makes sure that the new clothes on your child had only the most positive impression. Online children’s clothing store Mayoral clock stands guard over the health of your baby. Let your child shine in the fashionable and stylish clothes, won the hearts of others. You deserve to feel proud of your stylish baby.

mayoral clothing

Mayoral clothing

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mayoral clothing mayoral clothing mayoral clothing

mayoral clothing mayoral clothing mayoral clothing

MAYORAL is a brand clothes for stylish children. Children’s clothing Mayoral available since 1941 is an indispensable label on store shelves around the world. Presented in 80 countries, the trade brand Mayoral is primarily known for its high quality and relevance of spring, autumn, winter and summer collections of clothes for children aged 0 to 16 years. Reasonable prices of the brand attract customers. Each time baby clothes Mayoral is updated with new collections. Initially, the brand Mayoral specialized in sewing knitted items for infants. Subsequently, however, the online clothing stores Mayoral got jeans, jackets and other things for teenagers. Each season, the best Spanish designers working in the company, create an exclusive collections. On the shelves of the shop you will find: coveralls, dresses, coat, jackets, trousers and jeans, breeches and shorts, sweaters and turtlenecks. Parents buy baby clothes Mayoral for many reasons. Firstly, the products are exclusively made of natural fabrics such as cotton, viscose, wool or synthetic fabrics safe. Secondly, reasonable prices, calculated on the average family budget, will greatly save your cost. Finally, buy clothes Mayoral – it is prestigious, because every thing from the latest collections – it is fashionable and elegant wardrobe items. Do not even doubt in your choice. This is an authentic Spanish style!