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In 1906, the son of a craftsmanGuccio Gucci opened a small saddlery shop in his native Florence, The House of Gucci, which soon was closed. Guccio leaves to work janitor in London and Paris. It is believed that observing the luggage ofSavoy hotel guests inspired Gucci to create his own brand. The founding year of Gucci is 1921-th: Guccio Gucci, earned by the time 30,000 liras, creating his own brand of luggage and leather goods, and opens its first store in Florence. In the 30th, Gucci makes travel bags, gloves, belts and shoes. In 1937, the brand began to produce bags for women. A year later, he opened his first store outside of Florence – in Rome.During the war, suppliers often refused to import the skin to Italy, so Gucci hesitant to experiment with materials, using jute, flax and even hemp.In 1953, after the death of Guccio Gucci, the business was given to his sons Aldo, Vasco, Ugo and Rodolfo.Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburnhad Gucci handbags. The brand began producing scarves, one of which – the famous silk print Flora – was created for the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly. There was born brand logo of crossed letters G.

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gucci shoes for infants gucci shoes for infants gucci shoes for infants

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Gucci fashion house is a part of the Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, while occupying the leading position in the fashion world in terms of sales. The story began with a small family production, which was engaged in manufacturing leather products. Italian company was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. By making very high quality leather goods, the company since its foundation began to prosper. 1938 marked the opening of stores in Rome, capital of Italy. This shop realized Gucci leather handbags for women, which was used for the production of bamboo, and Gucci shoes, namely moccasins made of suede and had a metal inlay. This product later became a cult.

After a while range of products enriched with silk scarves, which looked very elegant. All famous fashionista liked to wear these scarves with great pleasure. In the 50s, the brand opened flagship stores in London, New York and the center of fashion – Paris. At this time, the assortment of manufactured goods rose. The company began to produce a collection of clothes, especially dresses Gucci, there also appeared a perfume line. Due to the economic strategy that was chosen by the company’s founder, the brand has long been presented as a luxury, and enjoyed great popularity among enough financially wealthy people in the world.

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Today, the fashion house Gucci is a part of a huge well-known corporation Pinault-Printemps-Redoute and occupies a leading position in the fashion industry in terms of sales.

The story of this world-famous brand started with the creation of a small family company, engaged in the manufacture of leather goods. It was founded by the Italian Guccio Gucci in 1921. With high quality products, the company prospered and in 1938, Gucci opened his first company store for adults and toddler in the capital of Italy. It sold later became a cult leather handbags with bamboo handles, suede moccasin with a metal décor and leather belts. In the early 50-ies were opened flagship stores in the Gucci fashion centers of the world – Paris, London and New York. Expanded range of products: have been put into production lines of clothing and perfumes.

Thanks to skillful marketing strategy of the company founder, the Gucci brand for a long time was positioned as a “luxury” and really enjoyed enormous popularity among the rich and famous. A new twist in the history of the brand originated in the mid-80s, when the head of the company became the the founder’s grandson Maurizio Gucci.