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Baby Boys Blue Chambray 'FF' Logo Shirt2 Blue & Pink Cotton Baby Dress with Bloomers2 Blue & Pink Cotton Dress2

Blue Chambray 'FF Monster' Long Shorts2 Girls Pink 'FF' Monster Swimsuit2 Yellow Floral Silk Dress2

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Fendiis the legendary Italian fashion house, known worldwide for its bags, accessories and furs. This firm was founded in 1918 in Rome when started a shop with leather and fur. The nameFendi appeared only seven years later, when the founder of the brand, Adele Casagrande married Eduardo Fendi. The couple had five daughters, each of whom inherited 20% of the company. Products of this brand for a long time was available in the classical tradition, while in 1962 the arrival of Karl Lagerfeld for the post of creative designers completely changed the policy of the company, making it more revolutionary. It was Lagerfeld’s idea of the familiar logo of two letters F, one of which is upside down. Heavy and bulky silhouettes even leather and fur were replaced by easier “flying” materials. Today the brand belongs to the concern LVMH, but the its “soul” remains the same – over all things for a long time with talented people, and only then it looks for a buyer.Fendi trademarks:Fendi, Fendi Casa, Fendissime. For the last years, Fendi also represents collections of kids and babies clothes, which are marked by the style of this outstanding brand with a long history.

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Fendi stroller

Buy Fendi Stroller

Buy Fendi Stroller Buy Fendi Stroller Buy Fendi Stroller

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The choice of strollers for newborn is a very important and, at the same time, a difficult decision. After all, the experience of future parents yet, stroller for the baby they are often looking for an intuitive, or based on feedback from parents experience. But their opinion is not always objective. On what should pay attention in the first place, choosing a stroller for the baby? By choosing a stroller for a newborn should be approached with great attitude. Do 6 months until the baby starts to sit, you will need a stroller, crib, although you can buy a stroller-transformer – it unites and bassinet and stroller. These strollers have company from Fendi, which produces baby carriages. For the manufacture of carriages Fendi used specially selected materials to baby feel comfortable and convenient. In a carriage Fendi has a front ventilation system, shock absorbers, adjustable backrest. It has all the amenities for your baby. Stollar is very practical and convenient to use. The choice of transport for the first baby is not as simple as it seems at first glance, and do not need to trust his relatives or friends. Young mother must necessarily take part in the selection of the vehicle because it was she who would use it on a daily basis, which means that stroller should be easy, convenient and comfortable to use.