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When the family has a child, the parents rush to redeem their adored and long-awaited child all the neighboring supermarket of children’s clothing. Especially it concerns parents, who have their first child. Unfortunately, inexperienced mom and dad do not know that the first months of life the baby is growing very rapidly and stocking a huge wardrobe for the first time makes no sense.By the end of the first month a child, as a rule, gains about one kilogram (on average) and grows by 3 cm. Then the baby grows in the same pace, so clothing is not worth buying for the future, at least – in the next six months.Even those parents who are interested in children’s clothing wholesale, admit that they do not take more than 2-3 pairs of one article of boys designer linen trousers. At the same time, bearing in mind a reasonable amount about old things for your child, do not forget the basic rules of dress.Thus, the desire to provide a long-awaited baby with the best of everything should be dictated by common sense. One of the main tenets of the acquisition of children’s clothing is a ban on the bright flashy colors and contrasting print. Even boys designer linen trousershave to follow this rule.