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What should you start with when buying clothes for your kid for the kindergarten? First of all is enough underwear, you can choose boys designer boxer shortsor designer underwear for girls. If it is winter, it’s time to think about winter jumpsuit. Most teachers ask to buy a separate children overalls. Because first, all children wear pants, then jacket. Baby in overalls very cohesive sweats while waiting for all the kids getting dressed.My advice when buying a winter or autumn overalls to a garden are:

– Good lightning

– Style under the throat,

– Non-marking, fast drying, can withstand wash 3-4 times a week (often have to wash, so it is better not to buy down jackets).

We had 2 separate suit for this winter. Both were actively used.Buy separated jumpsuit with zipper and well covering the neck of the child. I like tend to accumulate grease model. Pants get dirty much more than a jacket. So I try to buy separate overalls with a bright jacket and trousers tend to accumulate grease (gray, brown, dark blue pants). Teachers ask not to buy Fused overalls. Children dress up in stages – first put all the stockings, then sweaters, sweat pants, shoes, hats and only then – jackets. If your child has fused jumpsuit, he’ll have to wait for the other kids dressed and he had sweated before going out. And it is always the risk of colds.